Thomas Heberer

I've been writing music since the late seventies. My strategies have changed/evolved over
the years but I was always attempting to either inspire spontaneous musical interaction
through the written parts or finding ways to blend the two universes of improvisation and

Here are some examples of my scores for small ensembles incorporating regular staff
paper. The ingredients include the use of n-tuplets, odd-meters and ideas that arose
from developing my own notation code Cookbook.

Cookbook is an instant composition method, allowing for the highest amount of freedom
on the musicians' side while incorporating significant structural tools on the composer's
side as well.

It does so by implementing the idea of instant memory.

Shaped according to a specific set of rules, musical units are improvised and memorized
on the fly, and later re-introduced into the musical process -- sometimes modified,
sometimes not.

Scores (staff paper)

Cookbook (toolkit and scores)

List of 135 Original Compositions